Ways to help a loved one with cancer

Ways to help a loved one with cancer

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When someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, it's natural to feel concerned about saying or doing something that may not be helpful. It is crucial to understand that each person's experience with cancer is different, hence it's important not to assume how they may be feeling.

Fortunately, there are numerous practical ways to show support to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, such as:

  • Offering to accompany them to appointments
  • Aiding with household chores and meal preparation, while allowing them to maintain privacy and independence
  • Engaging in leisure and social activities together, from watching TV at home to heading out to enjoy the fresh air
  • Educating yourself about their specific cancer and treatment
  • Listening and simply being present- your presence can help them feel less isolated
  • Considering participation in clinical trials to contribute to cancer research and treatment development

  • Clinical trials are the foundation of medical progress. Every new drug or medical device needs to qualify through a clinical trial before market launch. It's a crucial part of delivering groundbreaking drugs, devices, and procedures that could potentially save the lives of millions.

    This is why clinical trials instill a sense of hope for many individuals, particularly patients battling critical illnesses such as cancer.

    The good news is that anyone can volunteer to offer their help to researchers in discovering more effective treatments for all. Participating in a clinical trial makes you instrumental in growing the knowledge base on the most effective approaches in disease prevention, detection, and treatment- a priceless and valuable contribution to society and to the world of medicine.

    Participating in a Clinical Trial in Australia

    Clinical trials can take place in different settings such as homes, hospitals, universities, doctors' offices, and community clinics.

    To participate in a trial, you will need to sign an informed consent, stating that you agree to the trial methods and understand the possible risks, benefits, and costs. While enlisting for a trial is free for Australian residents and citizens, there may be out-of-pocket expenses such as transportation or travel costs.

    To verify the legitimacy of a clinical trial, you may refer to the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR). It is an online registry of trials undertaken in Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. While the ANZCTR database's extensive coverage provides a wide range of options to choose from, it can also be overwhelming and increasingly confusing.

    Leveraging tools like TrialKey.ai can help you identify which clinical trials are most relevant to you, in just a few clicks. The platform allows you to sort search results by trial phases, probabilities of success, or estimated completion dates, so you can quickly determine whether a trial is still actively recruiting or is ready for a market launch.

    TrialKey.ai helps accelerate and empower a more efficient clinical trial process by harnessing the power of machine learning. Boasting an impressive accuracy rate of +90%, TrialKey stands as a market leader in clinical trial prediction, enabling users to make informed, data-driven choices.

    Drawing on an extensive dataset spanning over 20 years and encompassing more than 65,000 clinical trials, TrialKey employs AI and GPT-4 to analyze real-world trial data based on over 700 variables. This core technology generates customised recommendations that help streamline trial design, execution, and drug mechanism of action - the most valuable and otherwise time-consuming aspects of any clinical trial.

    In essence, TrialKey delivers tailored, actionable steps to address critical trial challenges, improving the likelihood of success as quickly as possible and at lower costs. It has the potential to empower patients, healthcare professionals, clinical researchers, and investors with the foresight needed for effective decision-making. In just a few clicks:

  • Patients and caregivers can explore potential treatment options and understand the likelihood of success in clinical trials.

  • Healthcare professionals can make data-driven decisions and treatment recommendations using TrialKey.ai as a valuable resource.

  • Clinicians from CROs can identify inefficiencies, streamline workflows, and improve clinical trial designs, ultimately reducing time to market and boosting success rates.

  • Investors and analysts can independently verify data provided by CROs and pharmaceutical companies, making more informed business decisions.

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