Travel with Your Kids: Melbourne to Sydney Road Trip Sights

If you love the outdoors, than road travel from Melbourne to Sydney should be on your list. The scenic route between the two largest Australian cities is picturesque at best. You can just pack your kids in the backseat of your car and zip on a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney. The reason you should experience the Melbourne to Sydney drive is for its diversity and to pass through charming small cities, the beaches along the way, the nature and its diverse culture and lot more such exciting spots.

Imagine taking your kids sailing one day, hiking the next. Think of all the fun you will have hopping with the kangaroos and camping in the nature. But before you get going, here are some things you must keep in mind as you prepare your caravan for travel from Melbourne to Sydney.

Travel Checklist

Before you take the road, your caravan needs a thorough check up.

  • Double check the insurance on your camper as you prepare your caravan for the trip. It is not only for your safety but also your responsibility to have an insurance coverage that protects against damage.

  • Call in a specialist to thoroughly inspect your caravan for any potential issues that can arise on your road trip.

  • Check all the amenities such as shower, toilets, etc. to have a hygienic place for you and kids.

  • Check all the electrical goods, battery charge and gas availability.

  • Examine the refrigerator for moulds, especially if you have not used your caravan in a long time.

  • Check all the locks.

  • Your tires should be in best shape for a long road trip Melbourne to Sydney.

  • Test your caravan for brakes, lights and all the fluids before you leave for your road trip.

  • Always keep a spare tire, in case you get a flat on the road.


    Once you have determined that everything with your caravan is in order, you can stock some items for fun such as music and movies for the passengers. This will make your Melbourne to Sydney drive even more entertaining.

    As you take the road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, you will see how well maintained the Hume Highway is. You can be on this expressway without worrying about the restrooms or places to eat. You will have plenty of petrol stations along the way and easy spots to take a break. However, the beauty of this drive lies in its quaint countryside, cafes, parks and interesting places for you to stop for the night.

    Here are some exciting spots that you can weave into your Melbourne to Sydney drive itinerary.


    If you need to grab a bite just as you start your Melbourne drive to Sydney, there is an exciting pizzeria right outside the city. Bank Street Wood Fired Pizza and Garden is not very far from Melbourne and ideal for a quick food stop.



    On your travel from Melbourne to Sydney, one of the most unforgettable moments will be as you pass through this quirky town with a fun spirit. You cannot help but notice Glenrowan 2019s Ned Kelly figurine, the kind that are speckled throughout the country.

    Ruth Ellison/


    When you are on your Melbourne drive to Sydney, little will you expect to see a place so attractive that it beckons you to stop. Milawa is definitely worth a detour off the main Hume highway where you can grab a sumptuous bite at the Brown Brothers Cellar door and also taste some of the finest Australian wines too. Want something for the kids? Take them to the nearest Milawa Cheese factory and pack them a yummy snack for the road.

    Gavin Anderson/


    Give your children a little nudge into World War 1 history as you take them to Holbrook on your road trip from Melbourne to Sydney. What makes this place exciting is an actual submarine that is displayed right on the main street for curious tourists and onlookers alike. The WW1 11 HMAS Otway Sub is now a children 2019s play area, with a caf e9 right across from it. As the kids play, parents can take some time off at the caf e9 and still keep a close watch on their little ones.

    Melbourne drive to Sydney offers plenty of such spots for the families to unwind and the kids to just be themselves. Add these to your itinerary and make your travel with the kids even more enjoyable.

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