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Tackling Mount Washmore

by sharonpegrum (follow)
Sharon is a copywriter and virtual assistant. She is a homeschooling mum who has an interest in natural health and wellbeing
Tips for an Easier Laundry Process for your Family

If there is one thing I hate, it's a pile of washing cluttering up my house. Worse still, jumping out of the shower and having to hold my towel up with one hand and rifle through said pile for a pair of knickers with the other! I may be considered a bit pedantic about washing but if any of the system I use can help anyone else overcome this dreaded pile I will wear it.

Washing Line Image

So here is my system, it may not work for everyone but it certainly works well for my family, and it means washing is only in 3 places - dirty basket, line or in the cupboard.

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Firstly I do all our washing on one day, I have tried the whole "wash one load a day" thing, I just felt like I was constantly washing and folding! I also clean the entire house in one day so if you are not that kind of person my system may not be perfect for you.

Step one - where the dirty stuff goes

All our dirty washing goes into one basket, I dislike collecting it all over the house and yes it is a giant basket. If you have bigger children or ones who like to change their clothes more often you may need one in a bedroom as well, I will leave that up to you to work out. Suffice to say the main point is it doesn't get sorted at this point - trust me the other people in the house will let you down if you expect laundry sorting at the end of a long day

Step two - laundry day, fun times!

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So I won't pretend I love laundry day but hey you gotta have clean clothes so practice the power of positive thinking. I collect all the dirty stuff and dump it in the laundry. I then sort it into:

Clothes - stained
Clothes - unstained
Towels and linen
Kitchen towels - ie things that touch food that I don't want in with things that touch bodies
Husbands work clothes

Now your categories may be different but I would still suggest separating out the stained clothes however you categorise.

Step three - soak the stained stuff

For me this is in a big tub of castile soap and bicarb. Leave it there while everything else is washing.

Step four - start the washing

I always start with a load of unstained clothes as I know I will have more than one load of clothes so I add the soaking ones to the last one, but whatever floats your boat.

Step five - sorting

Now here is where you start sorting. Firstly anything that is going to go on a hanger automatically gets dried on a hanger, the only exception is something that would lose it’s shape. Then I have 4 large plastic boxes without lids – mine, husbands, children (their drawers are in the same room) and towels/ linen. They are the cheap rectangular ones you get at Bunnings but you can sometimes find discount ones without a lid which are perfect. These are my laundry baskets – they are sturdy, fit in a laundry trolley, have wheels on the bottom (for sliding at speed down the hallway to children!) and they are easy to carry and stack.

As the washing comes out of the machine it is sorted into these boxes. I can still stack them and carry them out to the line together if I want but the beauty in this is it means I hang one box at a time and all the clothes that will be going away to the same place are hung together. Once they are dry they go back to the same box which has been sitting there drying off too. It’s a thing of beauty!

Step six – the dreaded put away

So now instead of a giant pile of jumbled together laundry you have 4 neat boxes of organised clothing that can go straight to their home. Anything on hangers just goes straight in the cupboard. My 4 year old will generally put away his and his younger brother’s clothing, if not I pop it in their drawers.

(Disclaimer: I do not fold children’s clothes because that is insanity in my house as getting dressed apparently involves unfolding everything to see what it is, so it goes away as is).

My husbands goes in a basket in the cupboard and he can make the call whether he folds it or searches through it. I am then only left with my own clothes and the towels and linen which takes me probably a whole 15 mins to fold.

I hope this helps you tackle the washing pile in your house and frees up a bit of your precious time and saves you some sanity.
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22 Oct
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