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Advice Needed - Repeating Kinder

by Jon (follow)
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Advice Needed - Repeating Kinder

My grade preppie is now doing a second term of home learning... and has really only been at school for Term 1.

She turned 5 in March, and based on recommendations from kinder, we sent her to school (this is because they were worried she would regress as she was finding it a bit boring towards the end).

Her teacher has said she is doing 'ok'... but neither here nor there.

We mentioned that we would possibly consider repeating... and her teacher said it's best to see an OT to determine if that will help our decision.

Has anyone seen an OT and found it was beneficial? What do they do? What do we ask?

Has anyone's kids struggled with repeating?

We don't need to decide for a few months... but just keeping our options open and would like some advice from other mums in the same boat.

Thanks to all for your help!

Please no comments about sending her to school before 5... we had multiple authorities say she is ready... and basically if COVID didnt happen, we most likely wouldn't be in this situation... which makes it hard.

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