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Advice Needed - Family Court & Child Support

by Jon (follow)
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Advice Needed - Family Court & Child Support

I ended an incredibly emotionally abusive relationship last year, we have a 8 months old baby. My ex is depressed, violent and alcoholic most of the time. He didn't do his duty as a Dad to look after our child since our child was born but lay on his couch most of the time for the entire 40 days until he was taken by the police. He was also verbally abusive almost the entire time to throw his Dad duty on me and physically assaulted me when I asked him to look after our child. I was extremely stressed and didn't sleep for almost the entire first month looking after our newborn. I thus applied intervention order against him.

2 months later he started to contact me wanting see our child. I can't trust him because he previously put our child in danger and child protection has assessed that it's not safe to let him see our child. Besides the police has informed me he was still drinking and hasn't started the men's behaviour change course that he was referred to. What's most unbearable is he has a full time job but refused to pay child support! He hired a family law solicitor to send me a nasty letter saying asking him to pay child support was harassment and he could consider applying for a cross intervention order. He then applied for mediation, after I attended the meeting with the mediator, the mediation company cannot contact him anymore. He just never answered his phone and emails. So mediator provided us certificate 30I.

Then I found out he just lost his job which earns $100k a year, so I can't get any child support from him. He didn't pay any child support even though he had a job the first 6 months after our child was born. Now he only has $130k of superannuation. I want to apply to family court to divide his superannuation. As that's the only source of child support I can potentially get. But I'm not sure if it's worth if the family court is costing too much time and money or can I apply without a lawyer?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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