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Tips to Make Healthy Snacks Fun for Your Kids

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Serving up healthy snacks is important for your children, but it doesn’t have be a tiresome activity. In fact, it is super easy to make fun and healthy snacks for kids. The following are some tips and ideas to make healthy snacks fun for your child

Implement anew system of snack suggestions below to create good eating habits for kids, and this will teach them that eating healthy stuff is fun.

1. Go Fruity

Your children may not be that excited about eating just plain fruits, but you can add dips to change their perspective. Get your kids in the habit of eating “fun fruits” that have exciting dunk buddies and fun additions.

For example, a plain banana or strawberries is rather boring, but strawberries with fat-free whipped cream or yogurt on it is fun. Let your kids apply themselves because they will find that part fun.

Have you ever had peaches and peanut butter? Your kids probably never did either, but they might like it! Peanut butter is one of those healthy-ish items that can go with just about anything and taste good. Your ideas can become some fun healthy snacks for kids. Obviously not advised for those with a nut allergy!

2. Make it Colorful

Fruit roll-ups have been on the shelves for many years. They are fun rolled-up fruit flavored snacks that kids love because of how unique and colorful they are.

Speaking of colors, smoothies are another creamy and colorful treats that you may enjoy making for your kids. They take less than five minutes to create, and you can make them ultra healthy. You can create smoothies of many colors such as green, blue, red and purple. All you need to make a good smoothie for your kids is some almond milk, vanilla extract, ice and the fruits and vegetables of your choice. You can use blueberries, strawberries, peaches, carrots, grapes, vanilla yogurt and other additives you can think of. Spinach is a favorite ingredient in today’s healthy (but not too green) smoothies. You would be amazed how many children ingest spinach because it looks cool in a smoothie.

3. Crunchy is Munchy

Baked fruits and veggies and nuts can be fun to eat for you and your children as well. Crunchy baked banana chips, baked veggies and nut mix are easy healthy snacks on the go for your trips.

For our hungry little ones, green peas or edamame can also be a lot of fun because of their munchy crunchy texture. You can start developing healthy eating habits with your kids by offering them peas in the form of crunchy green peas snacks. You can create many good stuff with some peas and a healthy imagination. Crunchy peas are probably the best thing to choose when it comes to easy healthy snacks on the go.

Let’s take this Bhuja crunchy seasoned peas as an example of excellent and healthy snack options when you are on the go. If they feel like noshing on something crunchy and you don’t have much time to prep, they will absolutely adore the taste of these seasoned peas, as well as, their fun and crunchy textures. These snacks are free of trans fats and gluten, and are great sources of both protein and fibre.

Other Good Snacks for Kids

Some of the other snacks you can give your kids to get them in the habit of eating healthy snacks are things like pear slices with granola, crackers with honey and rice cakes.

Final Thought

Teaching your child to eat healthy does not have to be a frustrating task. All you need to do is trust in your abilities and keep a smile on your face every time you offer something new to him or her. Eating healthy will become a second nature to your son or daughter in no time.
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