Phantom of the Opera at the Karralyka Centre

Phantom of the Opera at the Karralyka Centre

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Posted 2024-06-18 by Ann about Townfollow

Fri 14 Jun 2024 - Sun 23 Jun 2024

I recently attended a production at the Karralyka Centre for the first time and was excited to experience local theatre at its best. The experience did not disappoint.

The cast, made up of members of the Mountain District Musical Society (MDMS), were beautiful and talented, with Cassie Atherton delivering a stunning and well-rounded performance as the kind and homely Meg.

Lead Nicola Côdd captivated the audience with her flawless vocals as chorus girl turned soprano Christine Daaé. Mark Judd, as the Phantom, was equally a standout, his seductive voice bringing the character to life and perfectly capturing the passion, jealousy, and madness that defines the Phantom.

The bewitching Christine and the Phantom. Image by Angus Bogotto

Even those exhausted from a full day of work can appreciate the magic of theatre when it's done right. The special effects were mesmerising, particularly the smoke that slowly formed the misty lake as the Phantom led the bewitched Christine to his lair. The pyrotechnics added to the drama and excitement, especially during the scenes where the new theatre owners, Monsieur Firmin and Monsieur André, plotted with Raoul, Christine’s childhood lover, to ensnare the Phantom.

One of my favourite songs is Masquerade where the opulent costumes truly take centre stage and enable the phantom to sneak in amidst the going-ons. It’s during this song where the entirety of the cast, including the ensemble, appears on stage that one begins to realise the sheer scale of the production. Pretty impressive for a production in Melbourne’s outer-eastern suburbs, and on par with shows I've seen at the Regent with much bigger budgets.

The formidable Carlotta played by Felicity Eastwood with the Corps De Ballet. Image by Angus Bogotto

The music was incredible with grand, sweeping overtures that made me fall in love with theatre all over again. A hallmark of a good show is leaving the theatre humming the soundtrack and wanting to listen to the original soundtrack the next day, and this production definitely achieved that.

The Phantom of the Opera is there - inside your mind.

Overall, the Karralyka Centre's production was a magical and memorable experience that showcased incredible talent in local theatre. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enjoy a night of captivating performances and beautifully haunting music.

Tickets are selling fast for the remaining shows, so don’t miss out on this mesmerising production!

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