Melbourne Mums Guide to Online Editing and Proofreading Jobs

With the rise in the need for online content, there's an increasing need for freelance editors and proofreaders. Whether its blog content, affiliate marketing, business website pages or self-published ebooks, the online editing and proofreading jobs are growing. It's a perfect opportunity for those who want to work at home like mothers with young children. There used to be time when all a stay-at-home mum could hope for as side income was babysitting other children. Those days are gone. Mums with decent English skills and the ability to market themselves are thriving in the world of digital freelance editing and proofreading.

Understand Editing and Proofreading

There are distinct differences between editing and proofreading, and if you're going to explain your services to clients, you must understand them yourself.

Editing will look at the big picture of the work to ensure it has accurate facts as well as a great narrative flow to the piece. Inside the world of editing, there are a few types of specific work like line editing, which involves sentence structure while copyediting will check for proper grammar and punctuation.

Proofreading is done after editing. Before hitting publish on a blog post or an ebook, the writer will ask for someone to do a proofreading to check for errors in the text as well as formatting errors.

The Need for Editors and Proofreaders

Any kind of writer needs proofreaders. There's no writer on the planet, even successful authors, who don't need some editing and proofreading of their work. Sloppy work takes away the authority of the piece; no matter how informed the writer is about their topic.

How Much Does It Pay?

This will depend on the platform you use for finding work. Some freelance websites take a certain percentage of the money exchanged between client and freelance worker. Job boards don't normally take anything in exchange since the client pays for the advertisement. You'll have to decide what platform you'll want to use to find work. They have advantages and disadvantage. If you choose a platform that takes a fee, you have a certain amount of protection since clients are often required to leave money in escrow. A job board doesn't have that same protection.

Why Take Editing and Proofreading Jobs Online?

When you work from home, you'll be there for your young children while providing your family with extra income. In some cases, it might replace the part-time job you might have had to take outside the home. You won't have to worry about child care or commuting since you can work online proofreading jobs around your child during the hours that work best for you.

Online Testing

If you think you have what it takes to secure freelance editing jobs, you can sign up with one of the following sites. There's normally a screening process, and you'll have to take a test to prove you have skills for these online editing jobs.

Elite Editing
This service is based in Australia, and they accept a variety of clients based on needs. Academic papers, business papers and fiction editing are just a few of the assignments they have. There's an application process as well as qualifications that must be met.

Cactus Communications
While some sites focus on school papers, Cactus Communications focuses on the medical community. You'll need a background in the medical field for these assignments. The pay is good, and it's based on how much work you can accept.

This site allows you to work directly with clients. They'll post jobs they need completed, and you'll send them a proposal with your rates. They will choose the best fit based on experience, rates and fit. There's no testing or application process to join the site itself.
Like Upwork, this platform will match clients with freelancers. You'll be able to dictate your pay, and the clients will choose you based on experience and rates.


Even if you’re a freelancer, It's still important to have a presence on LinkedIn. Many companies that have no need for a full-time editor often post contract jobs on LinkedIn when they need one-time services. Mostly, these jobs will be higher in quality than the ones we’ve seen on job boards.

Mums who are looking for work-at-home opportunities can find themselves in the field of proofreading and editing without having any formal training as long as they have a grasp of the written word, grammar rules and certain styles of writing like APA or Chicago Manual of Style. It's a great way to have more flexibility in your life. You don't have to leave your children in the care of strangers when you can stay home and work around their schedule.

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