Melbourne Mums Guide to Find the Perfect Car for Your Family

When you have a family, one of the major changes you have to make in your life is in your vehicle selection. Gone are the days when you could zoom around town in a sports car or convertible. Now, you need to buy cars that are roomy and as safe as possible. It also helps to look for good family cars that come with features that make hauling around your kids easier. If you are in the market for family friendly cars, here is a guide on how to choose a family car.

It’s All About That Space

If you want to make shuttling your family around as easy as possible, then the best thing you can do is to look for vehicles that have loads of space. That is why so many parents decide to trade in their coupes for minivans. There are two types of space that you need to consider when you are buying a vehicle for your family.

First, you need to consider the passenger space. Many parents opt to get large vehicles like SUVs and minivans that will seat up to seven passengers. Even if you don’t have seven people in your family, that extra passenger space will come in handy for pets or if you are you are transporting your children’s friends around town.

You also want to consider cargo space. When you have a family, you can never have enough cargo space in your vehicle. When you head to the grocery store to do your weekly shopping, you want as much room as possible. It is especially nice to have loads of cargo room when you take your car on road trips. A family always needs that extra cargo space for their luggage and all their odds and ends. One nice feature that can boost your cargo space is folding seats in the rear. When you fold the last row of seats down, it can give you loads more space to enjoy.

Keyless Entry and Sliding Doors

One of the reasons that minivans are considered to be the best child friendly car is because they have sliding doors. It is so much easier to load kids into your car when you have a sliding door. It is especially nice to have sliding doors that will close automatically. You should also make sure to get a vehicle with keyless entry. When you have kids, your hands are full more often than not. There is no need to fool with unlocking your car with a key when you can unlock all your car doors with the push of a button.

Deciding Between a Used Car or New Car

This is something that you will have to decide for yourself. There is no reason not to get a used car as long as you know that it has been well-maintained. If you are having difficulty deciding between a used car and new car, check out this wonderful infographic to help you make your choice.

Entertainment Features

If you have the option to get a car that has a built-in entertainment system, you should definitely do it. Any parent who has a TV with a DVD or Blu-Ray player in their vehicle will have reason to rejoice at some point. Your kids will be so much easier to keep calm in the car when you can put in a movie to relax them while you are driving.

No matter what kind of family friendly car you get, make sure that it has plenty of room. You can never have too much space when you have a family. Make sure to take your time to find the vehicle that is right for you. If you search well, you will find the perfect child friendly car that has the right mixture of features to meet your needs.

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