How To Join A Mums Group In Melbourne

How To Join A Mums Group In Melbourne

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Posted 2018-03-23 by Suefollow
6 ways to find and join a mums group in Melbourne.

Having the support and friendship of other mums who are living the same experience is important for the well-being of every mum.

When it comes to finding a mums group, a lot depends on where you live. Here are 6 paths to follow to find your perfect mums group:

1. Check with your hospital

After birth, hospitals often assign new mums to a group to meet with in your local area. If you haven't recieved any information, ask your maternity health nurse or check your hospital's noticeboard for information.

[Link Melbourne's Best Maternity Hospitals] as suggested by Melbourne Mum Group members.

2. Match with mums in your area

[Link Register here] to be matched to a group of 6 to 10 mums who live in your area, with children of a similar age.

Us at Melbourne Mums Group help to organise the first group event, which is usually held at a park, playground, or cafe. After that, it's up to group members to organise further events.

3. Australian Breastfeeding Association

More than 230 local Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) groups operate throughout Australia. [Link Enter your postcode here] to find your local group.

4. Online support

You may find that you prefer an online support system, where you can ask questions, join in with discussions and read interesting content.

The [Link Melbourne Mums Facebook Discussion Group] is great for this, as there are over 12,000 other Melbourne mums on hand! No matter what time of day it is, you're bound to receive helpful advice and suggestions.

5. Mush

Mush is a location style mobile App where you can create a profile for yourself with a bit about you and your children, where you live, and an adorable photo. Mush will then show you connections of other ‘Mushers’ around your local area. It's like Tinder for mums friends! For more information, [Link see here].

6. Playgroup Victoria

Playgroups bring young children, parents, families and communities together to learn and develop through informal play activities and social interaction. [Link Find a playgroup here].

Did you find your mums group another way? Let us know!

[INTRO 6 ways to find and join a mums group in Melbourne.]

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