Easy Christmas Party Food for Kids

Your child's Christmas party at kinder, playgroup or school is coming up, and you've been handed a notice to 'bring a plate'. You want to make or bake something festive, but you don't have much time up your sleeve.


Alleviate unnecessary festive stress by whipping up one of the following easy-peasy kid-friendly Christmas party food ideas:

Christmas Reindeer Chocolate Cake

[image1 The cake you see in the picture here, is a collaborative effort. Baking on my part, and decorated by my 7 year old]

This chocolate reindeer cake is a lot easier than you think. If you want to make your chocolate cake from scratch, it will take a little longer, but you could buy a pre-made basic iced chocolate cake to get you started.

Cut your cake into triangle segments by cutting in half, into quarters, and then halve your quarters. You should have 8 triangles.

The tip of your triangles become your reindeer noses, on which you add brown smarties or a red one for Rudolph. Use pretzels for antlers, broken in way that you are happy with. For reindeer eyes, you could use white chocolate buttons with a tiny smudge of brown icing for the pupils, alternatively, use white and black icing.

The Grinch Grape Kabobs

Image source: [link http://www.momables.com/grinch-fruit-kabobs/ momables.com]

Grinch grapes are a healthier Christmas snack for your kids, and require no baking.

You will need: grapes, tooth picks, a banana or two, a punnet of strawberries and some mini marshmallows.

Simply wash your grapes and strawberries, cut your banana into thin slices and chop the top off your strawberries. Assemble your fruit as shown.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Pikelets

Image source [link http://www.kidskubby.com/easy-christmas-breakfast-ideas-for-kids/7/ kidskubby.com]

Shape your usual pikelet batter in a festive way by using cookie cutters in your fry pan.

If you don't have a variety of Christmas cookie cutters at home, a simple star or gingerbread man cookie cutter will do.

Spray your cookie cutter with a little oil, and heat some butter in your pan. Place your cookie cutter into your pan and pour your batter into it. When you see bubbles start to form, flip over and cook the other side, removing your metal cutter as you do so. Tip - use an oven glove or tea towel because your cookie cutter might be hot.

Once your pikelets are cool, sprinkle with a little icing sugar or hundreds and thousands.

Cheese Wreath

Image source [link http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/easy-cheese-wreath-169139.aspx kraftrecipes.com]

Minimal effort on your part, my friends. Buy a couple of blocks of hard cheese, preferably ones that vary in colour. Cut your cheese into chunk sized bites. Grab some rosemary from your garden (or ask your neighbour!) and arrange in a circle on a decorative plate. Add olives if you wish.

Festive Popcorn

Did you know you can add food colouring to corn kernels before you heat them, to make coloured popcorn? Red and green are the two colours associated with Christmas, so why not serve up a festive coloured popcorn party treat. Add some edible glitter for extra sparkles.

Watermelon Christmas Trees

Hands up who loves one ingredient recipes?

Image source: [link http://www.cookerandalooker.com/three-simple-bring-plate-christmas-ideas-kids/christmas-tree-watermelon/ cookerandlooker.com]

What you need: a watermelon and a knife!

The trickiest part of these cute little Christmas trees, is getting the shape right. Having said that, watermelons are pretty big, so you've got plenty of fruit flesh to trial with. Besides, you can always eat your mistakes as you go.

Other ideas you could try; [link http://kidrecipes.com.au/fairy-bread-christmas-tree/ fairy bread Christmas tree], [link http://kidrecipes.com.au/reindeer-cupcakes/ reindeer cupcakes], [link http://recipeyum.com.au/chocolate-christmas-tree-cupcakes/ Christmas tree cupcakes] or if you're feeling a bit more adventurous you could have a go at a [link http://recipeyum.com.au/fruit-christmas-tree/ fruit Christmas tree].


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