Any alternative strategies please.

We have a 2.5 year old. Just before he turned 2 we had to transition him to a big boy bed as he was climbing out of his cot.
Prior to transitioning him, we'd put him down in his cot and he'd be asleep within 10mins. It was rare for him to kick up a fuss (unless something was actually wrong).
For the last 6months we haven't been able to get him to stay in his bed and it's taking 1.5-2hours to get him down to sleep every bight.
He gets up constantly and when we put him back in bed he thinks it's a game and just laughs and gets up again and again. We've tried no eye contact or speaking when we put him back but this doesn't seem to dissuade him from the game.
We've tried a nightlight, keeping to door open/closed, lying with him, staying in a chair in the room, rewards for staying in bed. And all of these options we've tried consistently over a number of weeks.
He'll be really tired prior to getting into his bed but as soon as we finish reading a book he gets completely hyped up. We can't seem to break the cycle. He now basically has to get so tired that he loses it and starts crying at something trivial before he'll be exhausted enough to sleep.
Im worried that we're locked into this bad habit as it was never an issue before.
He's said to me that he wants to stay up with mummy and daddy and I get the impression he thinks he's missing out on something.
We're expecting another baby in December and are keen to break this habit before the second bubs comes along. We're also at the end of our tethers with no down time at night before our own bedtime.
We'd really appreciate any advice or alternate strategies that anyone might be able to suggest?

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37900 - 2022-03-17 11:17:24